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Wonderboom High School.

History of T.H.E.M

Two of the founding partners of THEM have a background of being youth mentors in schools since 2000.

During this time as youth mentors the need was identified in schools. In 2010 the founding father of THEM Nolan van Zyl sensed that we needed to focus on our community and thus THEM was founded. We live in a society where many parents are absent and the responsibility of raising children has shifted to the schools. However teachers are so busy teaching full classrooms, as this is their primary role, they do not necessarily have the time to see to the individual emotional needs.

Here we find the role of a youth mentor as vital, being a huge help, giving emotional support and motivating those in need both on and off the field.  It is our desire to place a youth mentor in over 40 schools that we have identified in the Moot/West and Northern region of Pretoria

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